Design is becoming a key element in information systems.
If you are a software vendor, you need to bring systems to the market that have a look and feel distinctive from your competitors. If you plan to present information within or outside your company, its design should be attractive and fitting with the communicative functions you have in mind.
MagnaView involves designers in the development of MagnaView projects as well as in the development of information systems.

For BNA, MagnaView developed a benchmark system that was styled to fit with the portals of BNA.
For Deutsche Bank, MagnaView developed a template set which fully conforms with Deutsche Bank's style guide.

Visualization design

• We also offer Design as a service to our customers.

• For other examples of MagnaView’s involvement with Design, take a look at Simone van Wijk's iDance and at Roel Vliegen’s Computer Graphic Art.