Information resulting from an analysis has value in itself. If a company's profit in a product group has increased with 5 percent, that might be good news. However, information is even more valuable in comparison to other information. If competitors in the example saw an increase of 20 percent, this puts the 5 percent in another perspective.
MagnaView offers the possibility to create great benchmarks which allow users to compare the data of, for instance, one company with all other companies in the same dataset. This allows for simultaneous comparison with the best practice and aggregated values such as averages, but it also provides comparison with all other individual companies, offering a spectacular perspective.

              Benchmarking data

Arbouw is the organization in the Netherlands which monitors all regular health assessments of construction workers in the building industry. To benchmark the performance of the organizations that carry out these assessments, a benchmark system, VISA-monitor, was set up by MagnaView. In VISA-monitor, data from Arbouw’s Oracle database is converted by MagnaView Data extractor to the compressed and encrypted MagnaView native format, allowing for easier retrieval of data by end users. MagnaView Web Live is used to allow all users to have live access to MagnaView projects.

BNA is a mid-sized accountancy organization. BNA has many customers in the legal sector and offers these customers two annual benchmarks which allow legal professionals to compare their office to all other, anonymous, offices in the benchmark. MagnaView has created these web-based benchmark. For this purpose, Web Live was used to generate a complete benchmarking report for each individual office. A demo of the one of the benchmark can be found here.