Meet your customers’ demands in MI and BI
IT-manufacturers are faced with the growing demand from their customers to make better use of the data that has been gathered, often for years. IT-systems are first and foremost set up to solve an operational problem, i.e. to help users in everyday tasks. However, at some point, users become more demanding and require use of this data for tactical purposes, e.g. to improve processes. With traditional management information and BI-tools, meeting this demand takes a lot of time, since datasets have to be defined, universes or alike have to be set up, reports need to be created. Moreover, solutions in the market place are often expensive.

MagnaView's solutions take the burden of preparing detailed data and reports away from the manufacturer, and move these to the end user, allowing the end user to explore and analyze large datasets. On one hand less time is required for the  manufacturer, while at the same time offering solutions that enable the end user, allowing the end user to more easily interact with his data. Moreover, MagnaView offers affordable deals to IT-manufacturers, including OEM and Managed Services/SAAS.

Pallas Athena ( ) has integrated MagnaView in its Business Process Solution BPM One, to serve as module for Business Activity Monitoring and Process Performance Analysis.

Green IT
To make a clear commitment to greener IT, MagnaView has developed tool that use DHCP logs to find out about proper use of workstations. The tool turns millions of logged DHCP events into real insight in energy consumption and CO2-emission. Moreover, possible solutions are presented.

MagnaView is used by organizations in a variety of sectors, including research, logistics, government, banking and marketing. In each sector, MagnaView helps organizations improve processes on the basis of their rich data sets.

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