Monitor processes in industry and utility
In industry and in the utility sector, production processes result in massive amounts of data. Measurements from production, information about service processes, customer and helpdesk information are all gathered and stored. Faced with growing competion in the market, companies need to make better use of these large volumes of data. Operations requires fast processing of actual data, which is often not supported by a process involving traditional data warehouses, BI universes, and standard reporting. Fast access, in-memory, to actual data is required.

MagnaView is able to input data from operational systems much faster than other applications in the market, and to allow exploration of data without tedious preprocessing.

WesternPower has selected MagnaView after a thorough survey of products for data exploration and data analysis in the market. MagnaView came out as the tool which offered the best possibilities for right-time processing actual data from various operational systems at WesternPower. > read customerstory

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