Health Care

Exploring data points out solutions in the changing environment of health care institutions
Health care is faced with the need to accommodate improvements in technical possibilities, and serve an elderly population, while at the same time seeing no comparable increase in income or budgets. More efficiency is inevitable, though hard to achieve in a multi-actor, multi-department environment, with huge variation in the patient population.

MagnaView is used in health care to explore and analyze data from care programs and laboratories, both in clinical chemistry, microbiology and clinical pathology. MagnaView sheds light on variation in patient processes, and on logistics in health care.

Special Health Care Products

Clinical pathology
- Pathos
Clinical pathologists in the Netherlands are confronted with ever changing government policies. Therefore, pathology labs have to look carefully at the way the operate, ate their cooperation with clinical specialists in the hospital, etc. MagnaView Pathos takes several years of production from the information systems used in a pathology lab
MagnaView Pathos was developed in close cooperation with the Clinical Pathology department of Atrium Medisch Centrum Parkstad, Heerlen (the Netherlands)
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Infectious diseases - Impera
Impera is MagnaView‘s suite in the area of infectious diseases. Impera consists of three modules. Microlab helps laboratories better manage the lab with valuable insight in production, throughput time but also resistance patterns of micro-organisms. Promus supports Antibiotics Stewardship teams in operational monitoring of patients as well as in tactical information about the use of antibiotics. Isola renders support to infection prevention departments. To find out more, visit (Dutch).

Atrium Medical Center applies MagnaView for analysis of care programs such as diabetic foot and oncology. Medical specialist were reported to have gained real insight in patient treatment processes.
Tergooi ziekenhuizen uses MagnaView to gain insight in microbiological 'bug-drug' tests to find patterns of developing resistance, but also, for a benchmark for GP's to provide information w.r.t. their requests for tests.

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