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Financial services and the banking sector produce tons of numerical data. For financial professionals to communicate about this data among themselves, tables and simple graphs suffice. However, for financial information to have impact on other professionals, other forms of presentation are necessary. Customers of accountants and banks need to be presented with information in a form they can understand, and, which helps them take action. Moreover, banks and financial services that provide information to their customers in a more attractive form show they better understand the needs of their customers, and therefore stand out from their competitors.

MagnaView offers the solutions to visually and interactively present financial data in a form which directly appeals to customers. While offering tables and lists where these are the best format, MagnaView also provides the visual means to present financial information in an attractive way.

1 MagnaView is integrated in the FIT-module of Deutsche Bank’s Betriebs DataBase (BDB).
2 MagnaView created a benchmark for legal professionals for accountancy organization Barneveld Schevers. Read the full customer story.

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