Data-based education now for real
“If I were the producer of Coca Cola, I would love to data mine the information gathered by schools nowadays!”, says an IT-consultant working in education. “Their systems record literally every minute in the lives of children between the age of 12 and 18.”
In about 20 years, information processing in schools has come to include not just grades, schedules, classes. Pupils use computers and computer aided instruction systems throughout the day, recording the whereabouts of pupils from minute to minute.
Moreover, society demands educational institutions to respond to its needs, requiring schools to gather further information on their pupils, and reporting this information back to governmental institutions.
Schools need to use this information gathered in the best possible way.

MagnaView has broad experience in education, and knows the needs of schools to get a grip on their data. MagnaView easily imports data from information systems used in the school, and helps analyze data. Moreover, school boards as well as teachers are best served with visually presented data.

1 MagnaView’s customers include GSR ( and Bernardinuscollege ( Read the customer story about Bernardinuscollege to find out more.
2 PGNPO ( plays a pivotal role in the exchange of information between schools and government. PGNO uses MagnaView Designer to keep track of an important project.
3 Real Time Ventures ( is setting up a system which is used to exchange information between educational institutions in the complete education sector, ranging from primary schools to universities. Real Time Ventures uses MagnaView’s Designer Pro in combination with MagnaView Web Live to create monitors for various user groups.

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