Patronus offers decision support for legal firms

to improve their position

in the changing market for legal services


  • Helps improve revenue and profit, amongst others through improved insight in revenue patterns and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Provides applicable and organized results, further increasing efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Use mouse-click only; very fast.
  • Accessible with PC/laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Smartboard-ready.
  • Developed in close cooperation between firms and experts.
  • Integrated with Aderant Expert; turn-key product.
  • High quality product, fair price, installation and training inclusive.
  • Closely linked to developments within the legal services sector, and the changing operation of legal firms.

Accola and MagnaView offer Patronus to the US market.

For the version of the Dutch and Belgian market, offered by Timesoft and MagnaView click here