Sector Products
Besides general software that can be used in any sector, MagnaView offers a number of products for use with specific systems. These products are created in close cooperation with the software manufacturers.

MagnaView Cum Laude
Cum Laude
MagnaView Cum Laude is MagnaView's solution for secondary schools in the Netherlands that use the @VO School information system. MagnaView
Cum Laude allows easy interactive exploration and analysis of hundreds of thousands of records with grades, absences, teacher and student information.

For a web-based demo of Cum Laude, please follow this link.
Download the brochure of Cum Laude.

Infectious diseases
MagnaView Promus
Impera is MagnaView‘s suite in the area of infectious diseases. Impera consists of three modules. Microlab helps laboratories better manage the lab with valuable insight in production, throughput time but also resistance patterns of micro-organisms. Promus supports Antibiotics Stewardship teams in operational monitoring of patients as well as in tactical information about the use of antibiotics. Isola renders support to infection prevention departments. To find out more, visit (Dutch).