Sector Products
Besides general software that can be used in any sector, MagnaView offers a number of products for use with specific systems. These products are created in close cooperation with the software manufacturers.

MagnaView Cum Laude
Cum Laude
MagnaView Cum Laude is MagnaView's solution for secondary schools in the Netherlands that use the @VO School information system. MagnaView
Cum Laude allows easy interactive exploration and analysis of hundreds of thousands of records with grades, absences, teacher and student information.

For a web-based demo of Cum Laude, please follow this link.
Download the brochure of Cum Laude.

Antibiotics Stewardship
MagnaView Promus
Helping A-teams work efficiently and effectively
Promus is MagnaView's product for antibiotics stewardship. Micro-organisms show an steady increase of resistance for antibiotics. Careful application of antibiotics in hospitals, governed by A-teams, is generally accepted as an important action. A-teams can only operate efficiently if they have adequate support for processing the loads of information that are related to antibiotics use. This is what Promus offers.

Click here to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with full information about Promus.

Health Care
MagnaView Micros Viewer
MagnaView MicroLab can be used in combination with Philips Medical Systems' Micros solution for microbiological laboratories. The MicroLab gives insight in changes in resistance of specific 'bugs' for specific 'drugs'.

For use with other lab systems, please contact us.