Enterprise products

Using MagnaView products in a large scale organization requires easy operation.
For easy use of MagnaView in your enterprise, the following products are available.

Enterprise suite
MagnaView’s Enterprise products have now been grouped in MagnaView Enterprise Suite.

MagnaView Web Live

MagnaView Web Live 4.2

Web Live offers your users web-based access to MagnaView projects and to live data. Web Live is html- and JavaScript-based, and therefore works with virtually any browser (some restrictions apply, see the technical specifications).

• An operator with sufficient authorization can install Web Live in less than one hour.

• Technical integration of Web Live in your web-based portal, information system or site can easily be accomplished.

• Web Live requires no client-side installation and no additional plug-ins, and therefore, no operational effort or maintenance on the client side of your web-based application is required.

Updating projects
• Updating project files is all it takes to give your users access to new reports and views. Project files used for the Windows client are exactly the same as those used for Web Live.

MagnaView Data Server
MagnaView Data Server 4.2

MagnaView Data Server gives you the possibility to extract datasets from your databases.
Simply schedule Data Server to carry out complex queries outside office hours.
Moreover, Data Server can convert data to MagnaView’s native .mvn format, a compressed file format with file sizes that are mostly smaller than zip. Less data transfer is necessary for users during office hours, and loading times in MagnaView also decrease significantly, improving user experience.

MagnaView Enterprise Server
MagnaView Enterprise Server 4.2

MagnaView Enterprise Server is installed once in your network. Operators or users do not have to register each copy of MagnaView, but for each copy of MagnaView the enterprise server is contacted and the enterprise server allows the use of this copy of MagnaView. This eases operational effort. Contact us for more information about the conditions for using MagnaView Enterprise Server 4.2.

MagnaView Teamwork Server 4.2

MagnaView Teamwork Server allows server-based communication about projects and views.

With Teamwork a user can:
  • Add a comment thread to a specific tile in a view;
  • Make this comment visible for specific users;
  • Add a new comment to a comment thread.

Comments are added to views using a ‘fingerprint’. Since all comments are stored in one database, retrieval using any value in the fingerprints database is possible. This way, the Teamwork database becomes a valuable knowledge base.

For more information on Teamwork, please contact us.

MagnaView offers package deals for organizations with large number of users. Please provide a description of your organization and ask us for your package deal: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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