HealthCare: Pathos 4.1 released, 33 pathology laboratories using it for their BI
Wednesday, 18 April 2012
Pathos 4.1 was released on April 12th. This version is again better and more user-friendly than the previous version. The main features are:
  • Search functions in filters making it much easier to select and filter the correct data.
  • Local snapshots. Now, users are able to save and local snapshots. This enables them to create snapshots with a specific goal, for instance annual reports.
  • Normalized attributes. Since Pathos is built on a national system, all values ever entered in the pathology databases for the attribute ‘Specialism’ are recorded. MagnaView has normalized all these values (>10.000) to 23 categories.
  • Extra protocol modules. Mamma carcinoom totaal, urine and placenta are new in Pathos 4.1.

First reactions from the users are very positive. Currently, 33 laboratories are using Pathos as their BI solution. Which is over 50% of the entire market.

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