cleverbridge AG
Payment processing and order fulfillment in the MagnaView web shop is conducted by our online reseller cleverbridge AG with offices in Germany and the USA.

As MagnaView’s payment provider cleverbridge has offices in the USA, all products can be ordered by US customers through our web shop reseller.
For our USA customers, this results in easier ordering of MagnaView products.
The web shop also offers the possibility to get a quote from the web shop. You can ask for a quote, then send your order to cleverbridge, have products delivered, receive an invoice and pay, for instance, by wire transfer. Just start the ordering process, and ask for a quote.
Of course, our customers can still pay directly in the web shop.

cleverbridge, Inc
53 West Jackson Blvd.
Suite 1005
Chicago, IL, 60604-3468
Phone: +1 312-922-8693 x0
Fax: +1 312-922-3783

cleverbridge AG
Brabanter Str. 2-4
50931 Cologne
Phone:  +49 221 - 222 45 - 0
Fax: +49 221 - 222 45 - 19